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October 11~13, 2019 BUSAN, KOREA


Asia Trails Conference Busan


August 1st – September 27th, 2019

Conference Date

October 11th – 13th, 2019

Exhibition & Poster Session

October 11th – 12th, 2019

Introduction of ATN

In order to share common values with the trail issues in Asia and to establish a sustainable and progressive trail industry, it is necessary to preserve natural resources, share trail survey and related knowledge resources, and promote health and welfare through trail and improve quality of life. It is a global networking organization that was officially launched in January 2014 in Jeju Island, with major trail agencies and organizations in Asia, working groups, and other organizations, with the aim of establishing a trail culture and promoting joint PR marketing.

Formed by 18 trail groups representing Korea, China, and Japan, ATN is now composed of 20 organizations including organizations in Taiwan and Russia. Under the common value of 'improving the quality of life through walking trails by protecting nature and local communities', we are sharing knowledge resources and conducting various projects for invigorating walking tourism in Asia.


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