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2019 ATC BUSAN / Asia Trails Conference Busan

Welcome Message

We invite you to the 2019 Trails Conference Busan

Prepared by the private and public sectors in the maritime city of Busan, the event will be an international road festival to connect Asia with the world.
Busan is an open and dynamic port city.
It is a city of beautiful nature and warm-hearted people with mountains, rivers, seas, and hot springs.
It is our pride that global K-POP stars Jimin and Jungguk of BTS were born and raised in Busan.
In Busan, which dreams of becoming a global walking city, we dream of walking together with Asians and people from around the world.
Let’s all join us and talk about happiness, health, and peace at the ‘Galmaetgil’ city roads.
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